Disneyland Secrets

17 Disneyland Secrets you need to know

17 Disneyland Secrets you need to know

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth where you can experience true magic for however long you decide to visit the magic kingdom. When Disneyland opened on July 17th, 1955, there was no telling what was going through Walt Disney’s mind as the day went much less than he had hoped for with breakdowns and the weather being so hot that supplies ran out. Perhaps he was thinking it was the end of Disneyland before it had a chance to begin? Who knows? But what we do know is that Uncle Walt’s dream of Disneyland didn’t fade into oblivion after the disastrous opening, and in fact, Disneyland is now one of the most popular theme parks in the world.Want to know some of the Disneyland Secrets? 😉 You’re just at the right place.

Disney has created an empire that keeps people coming back even after they’ve grown up. If you live outside of California, you still have the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, or there’s also Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disney, and Tokyo Disney. Truly, almost anywhere you go around major populated areas in the world, there’s a Disney theme park nearby. With a legacy that began in 1955, there are some pretty shocking stories and secrets that are kept under wraps from park attendees that are only privy to park employees and execs. But in recent years, those secrets have gotten out, and people are learning more and more about the original Disney Park that started it all.

There are a ton of secrets Disneyland keeps close to the vest, but that doesn’t stop the park from being the happiest place on earth.

Whether you’re an experienced mouse hunter or new to the Disneyland grind, the park offers tons of hidden corners, attractions and quirks that remain invisible to the untrained eye. Here are a few things to note — and sights to look for — during your next visit.

10 Disneyland Secrets you need to know

1. There are quite a few “unofficial” streets within the park. Here’s where to find them.

2. Celebrities ARE just like us: You can often spot one or two famed faces around the grounds.

3. Disneyland has “lost” rides. Don’t worry, you can take a trip down memory lane if you really want to.

4. Much like its Florida counterpart, Disneyland has Hidden Mickeys all over the place.

5. Vintage Disneyland commercials are pretty epic. Watch five of them here.

6. You should most definitely be following “DILFS of Disneyland“ on Instagram.

7. You can check out Walt’s original plans for Disney. Just look at ‘em!

8. Walt Disney used to keep an apartment on the property.

9. Kids go all kinds of nuts when they learn they’re going to/are already at Disneyland.

10. Tomorrow land was a favorite of Walt’s.

11. While alcohol isn’t available throughout the park, you can purchase wine and spirits in the ultra-exclusive Club 33.

12. Space Mountain looks real weird with the lights on. Same goes for the Jungle Cruise.

13. There are lots of places named for real people there

14. The park looks awesome in time lapse.

15. We know what a trip to Disneyland looked like circa 1957.

16. There’s a hidden basketball court in the Matterhorn ride.

17. On opening day, Disneyland admission was just $1 for adults. My words, how times have changed.