10 Historical MYTHS we all believe are TRUE

10 Historical MYTHS we all believe are TRUE

We are living in the world where things are going viral all of sudden. Ever wonder stories &  Folklore we all grew up listening are not True? Well some of them actually are not TRUE & are Historical MYTHS or MISCONCEPTION.

Check out the 10 Historical MYTHS we all believe are TRUE

1. Eve ate a bad Apple

Well We are grew up listening that ADAM & Eve were kicked out of heaven because Eve ate a bad apple – Yes its true that
its written in BIBLE but its wrote that ” the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of garden” it nowhere mentioned that
it was APPLE – It could have been an mango,Guava or any other fruit..


2. America got Independence on July 4th 1776

Stop a second – You also think that America got independence on 4th July?? Well it not true.
Actually War between British & US raged for another seven years & Exact date of independence is Sep 3 , 1783.




3. Newton Discovered Gravity sitting under Tree & when hit by apple.

Is it that easy to discover Law of Gravity by just relaxing under tree?? Answer is Simply ”NO”. Sir Issac Newton invented
Law of Gravity after complete analysis & research work – stating this was an accident will simply be an unpracticed.
This apple/Tree Story was firstly appeared in essay by Voltaire, long after Newton’s death.Catherine Conduitt, Niece of Sir Newton, was the only person who ever told the story.




4. Mickey Mouse Character was designed by Walt Disney

Our all Time favorite cartoon Character Mickey Mouse was actually designed by Ub Iwerks, he was best animator Walt ever had
Walt himself was not very fond of drawing he never even drew a single character of all his films




5. Napoleon a Short heighten Man?

Ruler of France, Napoleon Bonaparte is believed to be a Shortest Ruler of all time but in actual this is a myth he was never
a short Man but his height was 5ft 7 inched just equally to a normal Man. The Little Corporal was his Nick Name used by his fellow officers to Mock his Low Rank.




6. Stake in Salem : A Graveyard of Witches

The Salem trials in 1692 and 1693 where a lot of Witched being burned at the stake is a false story – There is no Evidence of
this event. Secondly all of those suspected people were not women. Few of them were Men also.
A Point to mention :: Burning people alive was not legitimate in England and few American colonies



7. Edison Invented Bulb

Edison wasn’t the first to invent a BULB, several people had pioneered light bulbs before him, but Edison brought out longer-lasting incandescent versions of bulb.




8. Magellan was first circumnavigated the world
There are two things associated with Magellan tour of Whole world. One, he circumnavigate whole world & second, he was being killed by natives in Philippines. These two statements are contradictory to each other. Well the truth is that, he wasn’t the first man to sail or travel all the way around
Magellan only made it half-way around the world, leaving it to his second-in-command, Juan Sebastian Elcano, to complete the circumnavigation





9. George Washington was America’s first President

Washington wasn’t the first president of America The first American president was Peyton Randolph, Randolph appointed General Washington as its commander.
Eight years later, as a revered war hero, Washington himself became America’s first popularly elected President – In actually, the FIFTEENTH President!




10. King Arthur & Merlin

There are not traces of any britian King named Arthur & his Wizard Merlin. All these things are part of folklore.