5 Surprising Facts about MOAB – Mother of All Bombs

Mother of All Bombs

Few Days ago US Military dropped Mother of all BOMBS on ISIS, claiming this bomb to be most destructive Non Nuclear bomb of all time.

Today we will reveal 5 facts about this destructive war weapon.

1. Its actually not abbreviated as ”MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS” but correct abbreviation is ”Massive Ordnance Air Blast”
2. MOAB Was built in 2003 During Iraq War.

Mother of All Bombs

3. Russia recently unleashed that they have ”Father of All BOMBS” 4 Time greater than MOAB.
4. Total Manufacturing cost of One MOAB is $16 Billion.

Mother of All Bombs
5. MOAB can kill people within a several hundred Meter radii.

For Complete Details related to MOB – Click Here .

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